Laser Cutting

Amount Brand  Size Watts
3  Universal 24” x 12” 50
Quick Start Guide
Approved Materials
Instructional Videos
AutoTrace Raster Images
Laser Cutter Documents
Drawing Vector Graphics
Draw Better and Faster with Illustrator CC 
Muzoo Design


RISD Architecture

Amount Brand Size Watts
2 Universal  18″ X 32″ 50
1 Universal 24″ X 48″ 150

AS220 Labs
AS220 Labs is part of a non-profit community arts center located in Downtown Providence. The Labs offers courses in digital software and hardware design, as well as digital fabrication services.

Amount Brand  Size Watts
1 Epilog 24” x 12” 35

Precision Laser
Custom laser cutting services are available for a wide variety of materials.

Amount Brand Size Watts
1 N/A 100” x 50” 2200

Online laser cutting and 3D printing service