Laser Cutting

Submitting Laser Cutter Files

Your section must be trained on the laser cutter before you can submit laser cutter files and view your job status.

Daily file submission limit

Students have a total of 1 hour of cutting time per day.

1/8″ Birch plywood
2 files

2 ply Chipboard
4 files

100lb Bristol board
6 files 

Document Setup

Illustrator files only
Document size: 17″ X 11″
Color mode: RGB
Stroke width: 0.001


Please have your faculty or TA review your file before upload.
Incorrectly formatted files will not be cut.
Files may take up to 2 days to process.


Available Materials

Bristol Board11″X17″0.001″ (0.25mm)
Chipboard11″X17″0.05″ (1.3mm)
Plywood11″X17″0.12″ (3.0mm)

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